Je'daii Order Force Rules

Je’daii Code

“There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.”

Force Views

Light Side/Dark Side: Conduct and Emotions that are positive and negative.

Living Force/Unifying Force: Living Things/Space and Time

Cosmic Force/Physical Force: Life after Death/All things in the surroundings

To be balanced a Je’daii must try to be in the center of each of these scales. They will use and develop their Force abilities being mindful of where they stand in regards to the scales.

Force Scales

At the ends of each scale are the two extremes for that scale. The goal of the Je’daii practitioner is to be in the middle of all three scales. The center point of the scales is 0 and the points at the opposite ends are 70 and -70. When a Je’daii character is created the player choses to start off at -30 or 30 on the individual scales. The bonus to Morality taken at Character Creation can be used to push the Je’daii closer to 0 on all three scales.

Once a Je’daii reaches 0 Balance on the scales, they gain +1 Stat Adjustment, +2 Wounds, +2 Strain, and the ability to combine 1 Light Side pip and 1 Dark Side pip to make a single Grey pip. The Grey pip does not move them on the scale and counts as a balanced pip that can be subtracted from Light Side and Dark Side pips to determine how they move in regards to the scales.

The Light/Dark Side Scale determines where they fall more to the light or dark side of the Force. For Je’daii, moving in either direction on the scale will force them into conflict that may lead to more mistakes.

The Living/Unifying Force scale determines if they fall towards the Living Force or the Unifying Force.

Cosmic Force/Physical Force scale determines where they fall in the two extremes.

Light Side<—→Dark Side
Living Force<—>Unifying Force
Cosmic Force<—>Physical Force

Je’daii Ranks

Temple Master

Starting characters can choose to where they want to be on the scales at the beginning of the game. However, they cannot be placed at 0 at the start. They must train to get to be balance.

A Learner is a person that has recently joined the Order. They must be Force Sensitive and have at least 10 points in Force Powers before they are eligible to be Padawans. Must have their balance within 30 points, of 0, on the scales.

Padawans are Learners that have been chosen by a Journeyman or higher to train with. They must have at least 10 points in Force Powers and 10 points in their Je’daii Career Specialization. Must have their balance within 20 points of 0 on the scales.

Journeyman have completed their training as Padawan and must have a minimum of 25 points in Force Powers and 25 points in their Career Specializations. Must have their balance within 15 points of 0 on the scales. To be made a Ranger, they must complete the Great Journey by traveling to all of the original 9 Temples and learn from the holocrons there. A Journeyman can take a padawan on to train if there aren’t any members of the Order left. This is an exemption to allow for training more Je’daii than normal. Once the Order is restored, only Rangers or higher can take on Padawans.

A Ranger has completed their Great Journey and must take a Padawan to train. They must have at least 40 points in Force Powers and 40 points in their Career Specializations. Must have their balance within 10 points of 0 on the scales. They, also, must have a Force Rating of 2.

A Master must have trained at least one Padawan, have one Force Power mastered, and have one Career Specialization mastered. Must have their balance within 5 points of 0 on the scales. They, also, must have a Force Rating of 3.

A Temple Master must have three Force Powers mastered and all three of their Career Specializations mastered. Must have their balance within the center on the scales. They also must be appointed to one of the nine temples. They, also, must have a Force Rating of 3.


Morality is replaced with Balance, for Je’daii only, and the goal is to have a score of 0. Every use of the force dice pips, light and dark, will be tracked. For the Light/Dark Side scale it is followed as per the rules.

At the end of every session, they are totaled and subtracted with each other. The higher pips will always be subtracted by the lower total. The remaining pips are then used to move the Balance of the character in the directions of Light/Dark Side plus move them along the actual force power’s scale. In the case of Force Powers that use only the Light and Dark Side of the Force this is already accounted for when determining how they are progressing along their paths.

Force Powers and Force Scales

Battle Meditation: Cosmic/Physical Force

Bind: Unifying/Living Force

Enhance: Cosmic/Physical Force

Foresee: Unifying/Living Force

Heal/Harm: Cosmic/Physical Force

Influence: Light Side/Dark Side

Misdirect: Unifying/Living Force

Move: Cosmic/Physical Force

Protect/Unleash: Cosmic/Physical Force

Seek: Unifying/Living Force

Sense: Unifying/Living Force

Warde’s Foresight: Unifying/Living Force

The above system can be adapted to other Force Traditions and give characters based upon them greater depth. Balance would only be used by the Je’daii Order, so it can be changed to better reflect a specific traditions view on the Force. For Jedi, it would remain as morality. For Sith, it can be Power and so on.

Je'daii Order Force Rules

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