Sneake: Je'daii Sentinel


Name: Hess’nea’kema “Sneake”
Species: Chiss
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 1.7 meters
Build: Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Notable Features: Sneake is average for his species in height, but is very good looking. He has been careful to never let his face scar as it would help in identifying him.


Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

Wound: 12
Strain: 12
Ranged Defense: 0 (1*)(#2)
Melee Defense: 1 (1*)(#2)
Soak: 2 (3*)(Reflect: 3)
Encumbrance: 15/17
*When wearing armor.
#When wielding a lightsaber and wearing armor otherwise it’s just a 1 Defense.

Critical Injuries

Earned XP: 172
Spent XP: 170
Total Credits: 169

Beginnings: The Privileged Few
Attitude Toward The Force: One with the Force
Reason for Adventure: With Great Power…

Light/Dark Side Scale: -15
Living/Unifying Force: 0
Cosmic/Physical Force : 0

Strength: Compassion
Weakness: Hatred


Type: Faith
Specific: The Cosmic Force

Special Abilities

Cool: P
Infravision: -S

Career and Specialization

Career: Sentinel
Starting Specialization: Shadow
Career Skills: Computers, Skulduggery, and Stealth
Specialization Skills: Streetwise and Underworld

Specialization Talents

  • Shadow: Sleight of Mind, Codebreaker x 2, Well Rounded, Street Smarts x 2, Dodge, and Indistinguishable
  • Shien Expert: Street Smarts, Side Step, Conditioned, Reflect, and Shien Technique

Force Powers

Foresee Basic

  • Foresee: Control Initiative (Success)
  • 1 Strength
  • 1 Range

Influence Basic

  • 1 Magnitude


Astrogation (Intellect): AAA
© Athletics (Brawn): PA-S
Brawl (Brawn): AA
Charm (Presence): PA
Coercion (Willpower): PA
© Computers (Intellect): PAA
© Cool (Presence): PA
Coordination (Agility): AA-S
© Core Worlds (Intellect): AAA
© Deception (Cunning): AAA
©Discipline (Willpower): PA
Education (Intellect): AAA
Gunnery (Agility): AA
Leadership (Presence): AA
© Lightsaber (Agility): PAA
Lore (Intellect): PAA
Mechanics (Intellect): AAA
Medicine (Intellect): AAA
Melee (Brawn): AA
Negotiation (Presence): AA
Outer Rim (Intellect): AAA
© Perception (Cunning): PAA
Piloting [Planetary] (Agility): AA
Piloting [Space] (Agility): AA
Ranged [Heavy] (Agility): AA
Ranged [Light] (Agility): AA
© Resilience (Brawn): AA
© Skullduggery (Cunning): PAA
© Stealth (Agility): PAB
© Streetwise (Cunning): PAA-SS
Survival (Cunning): AAA
© Underworld (Intellect): PAA-SS
Vigilance (Willpower): PA
Warfare (Intellect): AAA
Xenology (Intellect): AAA

©=Career Skill
-=removes a die of that type from the pool.



  • Lightsaber (Gold)
  • Lightsaber (Silver)
  • Monofilament Slicewire (Load Bearing Gear)


  • Adverse Environmental Gear (Stored in Room)
  • Holographic Costume (Wearing)
  • Shadowsuit (Stored in Backpack) (Mods: Multi-Band Comlink, Enhanced Optics Suite)
  • Banal Apparel (Stored in Room)


  • Security Sweeper
  • Comlink (Pocket of Costume)
  • False Voice Transmitter
  • Comm Jammer
  • Physicians Kit (Attached to the Backpack)

Load-Bearing Gear (Wearing)

  • P2 Pocket Attache
  • Monofilament Slicewire
  • Climbing Gear
  • Military Belt Pouch
  • Binders (Military Belt Pouch)

Utility Belt

  • Authentication Tools

Mk. VI Modular Backpack (Stored in Room)

  • Forgery Tools
  • Lockpicking Tools
  • Slicer Gear
  • Shadowsuit
  • Sound Damper

Hess’nea’kema, “Sneake”, was born into the Hess family as the youngerof twin brothers. His biological parents took them on a diplomatic mission and their ship was beset by pirates that ultimately resulted in its destruction. Before the ship was destroyed, their parents ejected them in the escape pod and floated in space until an Incom Corporation luxury yacht happened upon them. The yacht was owned by Jerrik and Mara Bess. Jerrick serves on the board of directors for Incom as Vice President of Corporate Security. Together, they adopted the two infants and raised them as their own children.

Growing up he was fascinated with the ancient lore of the Je’daii Order on Tython. At one year of age, he discovered that he was force sensative and could see flashes of the future. His parents secretly hired a former Jedi padawan, Merrin Goush, to teach them both the basics of the force. The teaching occurred in a secret location on Fresia that was steeped in the Force which prevented them from being discovered by the Empire. Merrin Goush eventually was discharged from training Sneake and Sharke because they had learned all they could from her. Her current whereabouts are unknown to the two brothers.

When he enlisted into Incom Corporate Security, he showed an excellent aptitude for infiltrating mission objectives and was removed from his standard infantry unit into special operations. There he was trained as an infiltrator and given basic instuction by his mentor on how to use the Force to help perform his missions. He still maintains contact with his former commanding officer in order to deliver data and receive specialized equipment.

After serving his term in the military, he and his brother decided to strike out on their own and attempt to make a living using the YV-560 Light Freighter. They earned the freighter from a mission given to them by their father to rescue Incom scientists and recover Incom property. He is hoping one day that he and his brother will be able to explore Tython. This way they can gain knowledge and insight into the Force as the Je’daii believed.

Due to the honor and discipline that was instilled in Sneake while in the military, he cares little for the Empire and regards them as a threat to his and his brother’s safety. He is willing to help the Rebel Alliance through the transfer of data about Imperial movements and other secrets. His other favorite targets are criminals and other corporations and willing to work different criminal organizations in the hopes it will weaken them. In the case of other corporations, it is to steal their secrets and relay them back to Incom.

Sneake is very close to his brother and shares a deep bond that is strengthened by the Force.


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