Emerald Explorer

Base of Operations


Name: Emerald Explorer
Model: YV-560 Light Frieghter
Hard Points: Total: 4/Remaining: 4
Category: Non-fighter Starship/Starship
Hull Type: Freighter
Cost/Rarity: 120,000/7

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 4
Handling: 0

Armor: 3
Encumbrance: 0/70

Fore Defense: 1
Aft Defense: 1

Hull Trauma: 20
System Strain: 19

Critical Hits and Severity


Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 15
Starfighters: 0
NaviComputer: Yes
Consumables: Eight Months
Sensor Range: Long
Crew: One Pilot, One Co-Pilot/Engineer
Passengers: 5


Dorsal Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannon

Half of Starboard Cargo Bay 1 has been converted to a standard 2 bed suite for two additional crew members. This drops the Encumbrance Rating by 10 to 70.

Enhanced Heavy Ion Engines +1 Speed


The Emerald Explorer was a gift to him and his brother by their adopted parents. Sneake and Sharke plan to use it to transport scientists to sites that need to be explored and their secrets revealed.

The color scheme of the Emerald Explorer is standard, except for the solid striping trim is done in Emerald Green.

Emerald Explorer

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